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Local Service, National Strength


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Local Service

We have an advantage the nationals will never have, we live and operate on your doorstep and to us you are a real person not just a number!

Train on Your Doorstep around Your Current Work Commitments and Benefit from Unique Local Knowledge that will be invaluable when You start Working in the Local Area.

Benefit from True Family Values that have been the backbone of the driving school’s success since 2001.

“I’m Stephen and I am immensely proud to have built New Starters Driving School from scratch, starting as single operator back in 2001 to where we currently teach in excess of 100 Local students per week”.
The business has been built by supplying quality instruction to Learner drivers and giving added value. Such as our off road site, gift vouchers and our pass packs.

The TCIT Training Course In the Carlisle & Cumbria Area.

The TCIT Training course has been constantly tweaked and tested since 2007 and is specifically designed to suit YOUR requirements not ours.

Many of our competitors assemble their courses to maximise their return and often squeeze up to three trainees to a single training vehicle and then hope their trainer can cope with all three at once. (Just one of the hidden costs of cheap training)

Just think about that for a second! You will be dividing your valuable training time by three.

We offer a personal service throughout the course and Stephen, Ian, Graham and Susan will be with you every step of the way from your first assessment drive right through to the day when you qualify.

You will receive help and assistance at every step of the qualifying process and we will remain on hand with career guidance, business advice and personal development once you have become a fully Qualified driving instructor.

Our ADI training Courses are part time and follow a highly successful training structure. There is plenty of flexibility built in so that training can be arranged around your current commitments, this way you can work at your own pace.

Driving instructor training is most affective when carried out at regular intervals for short periods of time (2 -4 hours). This keeps you in frequent contact with your personal trainer, constantly motivated and allows adequate time for your home study between training sessions.

Stephen is the owner of New Starters Driving School and together with Tri Coaching Partnership will give you the best possible chance of passing the the three exams.

We can accept 2 or 3 trainees in the program at one time.

Our strategy has always been to offer quality for a few rather than conveyor belt training for many.


When we consider how the ADI qualification is structured, it really is an effective Logical and simple system.

  1. Demonstrate you know the theory of driving and teaching in a car
  2. Demonstrate you can drive to a very good standard
  3. Prove that you can teach it to someone else.

Unfortunately many training organisations follow to closely to the DSA’s assessment format when preparing their potential driving instructors for their tests.

This approach is far too rigid, lacking any integration of driving or instruction practice during part one training.

Tri Coaching Instructor Training has a proven and highly successful track record, following a very structured approach to maximise your learning potential.

Part 1

You will be supplied with all the DSA recommended study books (5 in total) and the TCIT training manual. you will receive communications from us at least twice a week containing a wealth of information. with links in the emails to videos, webnairs and articles and a TCIT record of progress you will have everything you need.

The TCIT guide will give you a very logical and structured approach to assist with your learning;

The real power behind the home study guide is that it will explain which chapters of which books to read at any particular point. (This has proved to be extremely successful as you don’t need to read every single word of every book) it will then offer you the relevant ‘test’ so you can assess what you have learnt.

The information learnt during this phase of your training will be INVALUABLE and assist you to progress smoothly through the rest of the course.

There will be 12 x 2 or 3 hr. practical sessions interspersed with your home study; this will give your trainer the chance to keep in contact with you and to monitor your progress, but more importantly this will bring the theory material to life. The test itself is not difficult once you understand what is required.

You will begin the course with an assessment of your driving. Don’t worry – it won’t be anywhere near perfect and we have seen it all before.

Your driving techniques will most likely need tweaking as the vast majority of trainees will have taken no refresher or advanced driving courses since passing their driving tests. During the initial assessment, you will be issued with a fully comprehensive report that will document any areas of your driving that fall below the very high standard required. This will prove to be invaluable at an early stage as you will be able to practice in your own vehicle in between sessions with your trainer.

You will even at this early stage on the principles of teaching and learning to give you an insight in to the techniques of talk through, watching the pupil, describing hazards, fault finding, lesson planning and giving briefings.This will give you a very good overview of what being a driving instructor actually consists of.

Many training providers either shy away from or don’t attach any importance to this procedure but a brief insight to the above subjects will bring the immense amount of information that you are currently learning to life and give you a much better understanding of the subject matter going forward.This is just one of the additional benefits that make the TCIT training course one of the most comprehensive and successful available in the industry.

Summary of part 1.

Having a fully integrated training package at part 1 level is more likely to prepare you properly for the part 1 test, but more significantly give you a head start for the more demanding tasks of part 2 & 3. During this time many training providers leave you to get on with part 1 study on your own, with little or no contact with your trainer. Many training establishments will also tell you that all you need to do is revise the DSA question bank and you will be fine.

(The pass rate for the part 1 Exam (Theory) during 2013 was just 43%.) Follow this advice at your peril, as you could become part of the 57% that fail this relatively simple test. Even if you succeed at this level with gaps in your knowledge you will undoubtedly struggle with the more demanding tasks that lie ahead.

Part 2

The test of your driving ability.

Now that you have been practicing the points raised on your initial driving assessment you should be well on your way to driving the DSA way. You will have as much practical in car training as needed to assess and continually improve your driving standard. You will be supplied with record sheets in order that you can keep track of your private practice in between sessions with your trainer. Many training providers will give you the impression that the test of driving ability is a glorified learner test, I can assure you that this is not the case and your drive will need to be of a very high standard (1st time pass rate for the part 2 exam during 2013 was 48%).

The training vehicle will be available for your use during the exam and if you wish your trainer will accompany you on the day to insure that all runs smoothly and to clear up any last minute concerns that you may have.

Very few training companies make the training vehicle available for the exam and if you have to use your own vehicle, it’s crucial to inform your insurance company as cover for driving tests is not included and additional cover will need to be purchased.

Not all insurance companies will agree to this cover and you would then need to hire a vehicle to conduct the test.

It is essential that you do not cut corners with your preparation for part 2.

Summary of part 2

Preparing for the test of driving ability is far more reaching than just passing a test; the examiner will only have a 60-minute snap shot of your driving and it is possible to sneak through. Once passed you will be expected to drive to a very high standard at all times (especially in a driving school car, when you never know who may be watching you). Once passed, you will be in the top 1% of drivers in the U.K.

At this stage, unlike a lot of other instructor training courses, we can accelerate your training hours to make available a pink training instructor driving licence. This can be very helpful, because at this stage, you can start earning some money back from your original investment gaining practical experience with real learners. It is possible to get to this stage relatively quickly. You will need to be sponsored by one of our fully qualified driving instructors.

Part 3

If you have reached this stage without the proper preparation you are going to be in for a sharp shock as this is where we start to utilise what has been learnt so far.

You will now be able to recall the practice of parts 1 & 2 to accelerate your learning during this final stage. As with learning to drive, infinitely the best way of gathering and developing instructor skills is by taking regular sessions at a time and pace that you feel comfortable with.

This allows for short, intensive bursts of activity followed by periods of reflection in order to absorb the training and to carry out private practice.

The Part 3 course consists of the rest of the course in a very structured manner;

Crucially, there is no cap on the amount of hours you can have on this part of the test. Most training companies will provide ONLY the basic 40 hours with no chance to recap before the final exam. This is the main reason the pass rate for the part three test is really low. You will have by this time invested a lot of time/money and effort into becoming an instructor. you do not want to fail at the last hurdle so finding a provider that will continue your training until you feel confident to pass in crucial!

BEWARE, the pass rate is only 25%.

Training Summary.

There is no substitute for quality training and there are far too many people parting with over £4000 and then not receiving the thorough preparation that they deserve. The problem for the majority of those starting on an ADI career is that they will not know the difference between good and poor quality training. Add to this the fact that some major training providers have a relaxed view on their high dropout rate during part 3 level (if you drop out you will probably lose your money) and it’s another reason why pass rates are low.

Embarking on any new career requires careful thought and research.

You will undoubtedly have many questions and quite rightly so. You are most welcome to call the office on 01228 546688 to discuss any points you wish to raise.

We would be delighted to meet with you and it would be a major advantage for you to meet some instructors acually doing the job. maybe sit in on a lesson or two. I can then show you exactly how you would fit in to the team once you have qualified. You will be able to see the driving school in operation, how we take bookings for our instructors, how we tailor your own indvidual diary and the whole working practice that has made us one of the most successful driving schools in Carlisle.


“It’s an awarding career, you have the benefit of being your own boss – you decide how much you work and earn – and the satisifaction of seeing your pupils passing”

Kenny Stevenson


“Its brilliant working with New Starters Driving School – being part of a team with the support of your colleagues means we can help each other achieve our goals – it gives you great piece of mind that we have others to rely on when needed.”

John Collins


“Working as a Driving instructor is challenging because no two students are the same – it’s very rewarding as you teaching a life skill”

John Wardle


“Having recently joined New Starters I am impressed with their Professionalism and their very friendly manner.”

Shaun Savage

National Strength

Lets talk about who put the TCIT coarse together.

Graham Hooper.

As a Director, Graham Hooper brings his extensive skills and experience in management and all matters financial to bear in ensuring that Tri-Coaching Partnership Limited becomes the Number One choice for all driver training and development needs for driving instructors.

Graham’s Driving Instructor career has involved him in teaching people from all walks of life to drive and to improve their driving. He was the senior instructor on the Hertfordshire and London National Driver Improvement Schemes (NDIS) from April 1998 until he relocated to Kent in 2001. This helped Graham understand what the learner driver could become as he recognised the need to improve people’s attitudes towards their own and other people’s driving and then improve their practical driving skills.

Graham is currently senior instructor for the Essex NDIS and has been since January 2001. He also provides assessment and risk to 700 lease car holders on behalf of Essex County Council and presents their speed awareness programme.

Several companies both local and national use his services to help them manage their occupational road risk. He was director of training for The Big Red Fleet Company leading them to be awarded SAFED for Vans training provider of the year 2008/09.

Graham’s main occupation is helping people to become Driving Instructors and is the preferred CPD and ADI trainer for The Big Red L Company Ltd and Pass in Kent. In 2010 his local Driving Instructor Association (SEADI) made Graham an honorary life member.

Graham is the proprietor of 1st 4 Driving Education and his services can be found at www.1st-4.org which supplies training and coaching courses to ADI’s. His C.V. is extensive and his qualifications can be found listed on his website. Two that have significant bearing are an advanced certificate of adult education qualifying him as a vocational teacher through the University of Canterbury, as he has a belief that it is helpful to have an understanding of how learning takes place and also coaching psychology, he has attended two university courses at The University of East London with Dr Jonathan Passmore and Dr Christian Van Niewurburgh. In his most recent submitted video of his coaching it was stated how strong his practical coaching was.



“It’s an awarding career, you have the benefit of being your own boss – you decide how much you work and earn – and the satisifaction of seeing your pupils passing”

Graham Hooper, Tri-coaching


“It’s an awarding career, you have the benefit of being your own boss – you decide how much you work and earn – and the satisifaction of seeing your pupils passing”

Susan McCormack, Tri-coaching